University policy requires that a separate individual (the Approver), who has authority and responsibility for the funds, certifies that the detailed review of each Project-Award combination is complete and that the transactions are reasonable and necessary.

Approver:  The person who has fiduciary responsibility and the appropriate knowledge and authority to authorize reconciliations.  This is a required role in the Recon@UVA system and must be assigned on any Non-Sponsored Project in the Integrated System.

Principal Investigator (PI):  The person responsible for program and budgetary management of a grant or contract.  This role is only assigned on Sponsored Projects and will serve as the “Approver” in the Recon@UVA system. 

Note:  If applicable, follow your unit's internal process regarding timelines for use of the Examiner role.


  1. Once your reconciliations have been prepared and/or examined, log on to Recon@UVA.

  2. Review the work of the Preparers and/or Examiners.

  3. Review issues, record comments, and request corrections as appropriate.

  4. Update reconciling items as appropriate.

  5. Certify and approve the reconciliation.  This step records the Approver’s signature and date. If changes are required, return to the Preparer for rework.