The Examiner is the person responsible for examining and verifying the work of the Preparer prior to final approval.  This is an optional role in the reconciliation process and can be assigned in the Integrated System.  The Examiner role provides units with maximum flexibility in how they administer and oversee their funds.  

Note:  Approvers can take action before your review.  Be sure to establish internal procedures allowing time for your examination as needed.  


  1. Once the reconciliation has been prepared, log on to Recon@UVA.

  2. Review the work of the Preparer. 

  3. Review issues, record comments, and request corrections as appropriate.

  4. Update reconciling items as appropriate.

  5. When the review is complete, send the reconciliation forward.  This step records the Examiner’s signature and date.  If changes are required, return to the Preparer for rework.