System Access

To become a reconciler in Recon@UVA, users must be assigned a Project Key Member role in the Integrated System and attend an in-person training.

Role Assignment

If you are new to the reconciliation process and need to be added in the workflow, please contact your Unit’s GM Role Manager who will be able to assign you a Project Key Member role in the Integrated System.

Note:  If you are just filling in during the absence of a reconciler who will be returning to the same position/department (and therefore do not need a permanent change in the Integrated System) and have never used Recon@UVA, please contact us at to be added as a valid user. You will then be able to be assigned “Alternate” responsibility.


An instructor led course, Reconciling Expenditures in Recon@UVA, is required for all reconcilers.  The course is designed to navigate the expenditure reconciliation process at the University of Virginia using Recon@UVA and will explain how to comply with policy and procedure to accurately complete your monthly expenditure reconciliations.

Additional training information can be found here.

Steps for Logging In

  1. Go to the Recon@UVA home page.

  2. Click on the "Launch Recon@UVA" button.

  3. Login to NetBadge.

  4. Annually, or if this is your first time entering the system, you will need to certify that you accept the responsibility as designated for Recon@UVA.  Read the certification, check the box noting you acknowledge your responsibility, and click "Accept."

  5. Your login should be complete!

Potential Login Problems

  • You are having issues with NetBadge.
  • You do not have any assigned projects.
    • All users must have assigned projects prior to accessing the system.
    • To request access to your project(s), please contact your unit's GM Role Manager.